Q: Why are you running for Santa Rosa City Council?
A:Two reasons;
1) I love Santa Rosa and Sonoma County (since 1976). This is the most beautiful place on Earth. After a month of walking & bicycling around, talking to people on the streets and reading the local paper and listening to local radio shows, I realized that people are either asleep or are in total denial of the high probability that a major cataclysm is literally around the corner. I see no evidence of anyone but the EOC and the American Red Cross preparing for anything.
Just like the old testament Jeremiah, I feel compelled to scream, "Look out! Wake up!" I need a platform and a power base to get my message across and start implementing preparedness plans before it's too late. Thousands of lives depend on it. I've been a volunteer at the Red Cross off and on since Katrina. My jobs there included working on the Disaster Plan for Sonoma County, training people to be prepared for disaster and showing churches and municipalities how to set up and run a shelter.  I often felt that, although they give it polite lip service, most folks just don't want to know. And that's just the beginning. It's not just the inevitable earthquake, it's global warming, food and water shortages leading to civil unrest predicted for August, 2013, Peak oil, and nuclear war. Did I mention economic collapse? Nobody running for this office is addressing any of these well known possibilities as if Santa Rosa were an island somewhere, too far from earth to see what's coming. I'm here to tell you that as bad as it could be, there are things we should be doing right now to prevent or lessen the devastation to our city and its inhabitants. I want to shout from the city council chambers, "Time is running out, wake the fuck up!"

2) I need a job. If elected, my income would more than double ( the city council pays $800/Mo.) My Social Security Retirement income of $718.00/month just doesn't cut it. After my divorce ( about 3 years ago ), I found myself homeless and depressed. Since then, with the love and support of my grown children ( two sons who live in Sonoma County and a daughter in San Diego ) and the love of a few old friends, I managed to get over myself and wake up - without therapy or prescription drugs. I really appreciate all the help the City of Santa Rosa and other state and federal government agencies are giving me: Section eight subsidized housing (a penthouse in the Rosenberg overlooking the city), Medi-Cal, Food Stamps ($20/mo.) and the amazing consistently generous Redwood Empire Food Bank. But it's time to get off welfare and let someone with a greater need take my place ( There are thousands who have been waiting for years ).

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    Jeremiah Jeff Love

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    October 2012